A glorious way for corporate and business groups to achieve success together, through our fun and active team building challenges and games.


We work in Ocata, just outside of Barcelona, for this activity. The wide sandy beach is perfect for beach games... and not too crowded. 

What Can We Expect? 

Upon arrival at the beach, our team game supervisors will be waiting to greet you, as will all equipment, including team colours and prizes for the winners.
After introductions and briefing, your group will be split into teams of 6-8 people each, after which the games are ready to commence! The games we provide are easy, entertaining and everyone is encouraged to play.

The activities will include:

Warm Up Dynamic Games: Friends And Enemies, Follow The Finger and 'A Lifting Experience'.

Team Building Challenges:

Teams compete in 3 different challenges, each within a 5 minute time limit. The challenges require the teams to plan, and work together:
Blind Mine Sweepers - passing the team members through a giant web without touching it
A to B – the team needs to get the furthest distance possible whilst all balancing on just 3 planks of wood
Water Passing – passing water from A to B using just a few accessories
Sand Buggies:
Teams compete to build sand buggies (go-karts) from the materials we provide and then race one another (with lots of man/woman power) along the beach.
The Wacky Water Relay Race:
A fabulously fun relay race with obstacles and water. The opposing teams add to the challenge by using the players as targets - throwing soft, foam beach balls to send them off course.

Can You Supply Food (And Drink) Options? 

Yes, we can help supply a delicious Spanish-style BBQ or tapas meal. We work at all times alongside a local beach bar, to provide us with refreshments and seating when needed.

The food would be provided by the beach bar. Expect a selection of tapas, including potato wedges, squid rings, mussels; plus grilled sardines, sausage (typical to the region and incredibly delicious), burgers, BBQ'd chicken and more... alongside a fresh, crunchy green salad and deserts.
Meals are served with (lots of) Spanish wine and beer. Prices and further information are available upon request. 

In Conclusion 

A day at the beach will honestly do wonders for company morale. All teams are encouraged to participate to the best of their ability... as cheers and laughter abound!

Do contact us for further information and prices. 
Our prices include the team building activities, all equipment and 'monitors', plus two soft drinks per person (water, coke etc).
Total time: approx. 2.5 hours ​(without lunch/BBQ included)

This activity can also be combined with other beach activities:

  • Raft building
  • Sailing, windsurfing and kayaks
  • Beach Football and Beach Volleyball