Dancing is one of the most healthy and uplifting activities that we know of. It raises your heart rate, releases natural endorphins and crosses all cultural and social barriers.
People have literally been dancing since the dawn of time.

Music and dance are ways that we connect socially – across the world, in all cultures, we come together at special moments to make music and dance.

In the workplace, breaking down barriers leads to greater connection, better communication, and higher productivity.

Outside the workplace, dancing has always been a central part of our social interaction.

When we engage in conscious dance – in dance, without alcohol or recreational drugs – we challenge ourselves to embrace this natural force and express ourselves openly. Our creative juices are flowing just as the music flows and carries us, effortlessly, into the ecstatic release of the moment – being fully present in the “now”. This is the moment that artists and musicians cherish – being in the flow, not thinking, not worrying, not living in the future or the past. But being right there, in that moment, immersed and lost in the music

We don’t dance to the music when we get to this point – the music dances us.

An Ecstatic Dance workshop begins with some warming stretches, both physical and mental, and slowly builds up the tempo, carrying the passengers along with it. The invitation is always to move – to connect with our bodies, with the music. To allow the body to flow, letting intuition be our guide.

There is no right or wrong in this dance. There are no steps to learn. There is only the moment, and the music. There is only the flow.

Coming together in circle before and after, we share our intentions and our reflections. How do I feel now? How did I feel then? What brought me here today? What am I taking with me?

About the workshop leader:

Scott Doane has been leading ecstatic dance workshops since he moved to England in 2013. Frustrated with the lack of dance in his adopted home of Eastbourne, he began creating the opportunity to dance there himself. Scott now runs the annual wellness festival, Sun and Moon, in which dance is a major feature. Naturally, Scott is a prodigious dancer – dancing with abandon and excess. For him, standing behind the DJ desk could never be enough – he needs to be out with the people, dancing like crazy, keeping him sane!

What to expect:

  • The workshops lasts around 3 hours of which 2 hours (or more) is dancing
  • We provide everything you need - sound system, DJ software, workshop leader, microphone
  • This can be held first thing in the morning or last thing at night - whenever suits your schedule
  • Minimum group size is 50 people
  • Maximum group size is 500 people
  • You will require a venue (space) that is big enough for the group. We do not provide the venue
  • Available across Europe