A fun, imaginative and hands-on activity that puts the 'building' back into teambuilding! Design, plan, build...


We have numerous locations which are ideal for this activity - in Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante - and more...
We'll talk you through options when you contact us: we tend to use spacious areas, with plenty of outdoor space.
Some of our locations also offer wonderful views.

What Can We Expect? 

We've taken the idea of 'building something' quite literally... and the results are always surprising.

All equipment will be on site when you arrive, as will our team of  helpful 'construction' supervisors. We supply a selection of materials - PVC tubing, wooden battons, containers, cardboard, paper, wire, string, glue etc - and tools, which you can 'purchase' at our market, specifically created for the purposes of this game.

Our construction supervisors will help divide your group into teams of 6-8 people and explain the rules of the game. Experience how to plan, problem-solve and innovate while exploring shape, space and assemblance of different types of construction material. We leave the subject matter open; what you create with the materials and how you create it is up to the limits of your team's imagination.

Teams are building against the clock, adding yet another challenge to the mix and demanding effective time management, clear communication and optimal use of resources and talents.

Each team presents their project to the entire group, which often results in astoundingly clever or entertaining performances. Regardless of how your invention turns out, the most important aspects - creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork - are guaranteed. 

Can You Supply Food (And Drink) Options? ​

We can provide refreshments, snacks or meal options, if required. Do talk to us about your requirements. 

In Conclusion 

Discover the extent of your group's creative abilities and ingenuity, and enjoy a fabulously good time!

This activity takes approximately ​3-4 hours. The minimum group size is 50 people.
Do contact us for further information and prices.