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With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, this narrow slice of land is guaranteed to warm your heart. Having been founded over 3,000 years ago, Cádiz is the oldest city in the Western world. It is an ancient port city in the Andalusian region; a historical base for exploration and trade. With over 100 watchtowers, this ancient centre, surrounded almost entirely by water, is a jumble of streets, beautiful architecture, monuments and museums, eroded sea walls, incredible seafood, friendly locals, upbeat flamenco, crashing Atlantic waves and sun-worshipping beach lovers. In this stunning jewel of a city, the 18th Century neoclassical cathedral and baroque palaces coexist in perfect harmony with the modern architecture of Cadiz. The exquisite regional cuisine of Cadiz showcases the best of Andalusia’s most appetising dishes. Fish and shellfish reign, as does the produce of the nearby mountains – wild boar, partridge, wild garlic... and more.

Our treasure hunt activities are a great way to introduce some friendly, fun competition to your group, since they enable participants to work together in solving a series of clues, observation questions and photo challenges.

A fun, imaginative and hands-on activity that puts the 'building' back into teambuilding! Design, plan, build...

Dancing is one of the most healthy and uplifting activities that we know of. It raises your heart rate, releases natural endorphins and crosses all cultural and social barriers.
People have literally been dancing since the dawn of time.

Teams play against each other in our Robot themed Escape Game for large groups (minimum 50 people for this activity).  

Always surprising, sometimes bizarre... and definitely awesome. 
Surprise and amuse with a spontaneous, unexpected... yet thoroughly planned performance.

Transforming broken pieces of tile into something with artistic verve, colour and style is a wonderful form of creativity.

Explore, learn, compete: Discover your chosen city using GPS technology via our memorable, interactive, tailor-made treasure hunt.  

One of the funniest ways to discover your chosen city... and the hidden talents of your colleagues. 

This is decidedly creative team-building; let your imagination run free, exercise your creative spirit and take in the scenic beauty of your chosen city.

Adding a live jazz band into our popular gangster murder-mystery game, we create a musical murder mystery in which we integrate live music with fun and action. It's full of intrigue, bribery, gambling, backstabbing and of course... a murder.

Fast-paced, friendly and fun-packed competition is a fabulous way of building team spirit... and is the essence of our Olympic Games

In this variation on our classic, fun treasure hunt, teams are accompanied by a professional photographer. This is an engaging and memorable team building event. 

A swashbuckling good time. Participants require strategic thinking, creativity, team work and a flair for the dramatic and fun!

This classic team-building activity encourages teams to design, build and race (using only gravity, strength and courage)​ their very own go kart 'soapbox' vehicle.

​A hugely entertaining tactical, strategic game; ideal for challenging participants intellectually, as well as energetically!