All Beaches

  • A glorious way for corporate and business groups to achieve success together, through our fun and active team building challenges and games.

  • Beach volleyball is a brilliant team (and team-building) sport... and the beach is a perfect place to play it.

    Beach football is simply fun; a good-time way to appeal to sports fans, competitive souls and game lovers.

  • A swashbuckling good time. Participants require strategic thinking, creativity, team work and a flair for the dramatic and fun!

  • These team building activities are a test of confidence, creativity, physical ability and teamwork... and they're highly entertaining for those involved!

  • A truly invigorating, adventurous activity. Yacht racing is an unrivaled team sport... and ideal for team building. 

  • Challenge your team to create incredibly artistic structures... in the sand.

  • Sip, taste and enjoy wine with the sun on your face and the wind in your sails...