These team building activities are a test of confidence, creativity, physical ability and teamwork... and they're highly entertaining for those involved!

We'll supply everything you need for your teams to build their rafts, then it's down to the crews' ingenuity to turn a pile of poles, rope and flotation pillows into a race-winning vessel. 
Raft building and racing can be executed in some fantastic locations... and always result in teams having great fun (with lots of laughter thrown in for good measure). 


We work in Ocata, near to Barcelona for this activity. A huge a sandy beach for the building and planning 
of the rafts​, plus a warm sea for the racing activities :-)

What Can We Expect?

When you arrive on site, your equipment will be waiting for you, as will our knowledgeable and personable staff.

The activity staff will divide you into teams - we tend to suggest teams of 6 to 8 people. You will be offered some handy hints, tips and advice as well as basic instruction on tying knots and lashings, and the principles of a stable raft. We'll then introduce you to the raft building materials we have supplied. 

Once 'kitted up' and knowledgeable, you have a period of time (yes, this activity is 'against the clock'!) for planning and building the raft; the unique equipment we supply ensures that your team(s) will have the tools to devise their own raft design (which could well be harder than it first appears!).
This part of the activity requires mental concentration and creativity, as well as team working skills, and teams will receive all the guidance they need. 

Once built, teams will then take to the sea to achieve their overall mission: 
​To r​ace out to sea (and back)​ without sinking!
Some of the participants may like to be involved in less physical ways with this activity; this kind of 
project allows skills to be directed appropriately - some physical, some creative, some more intellectual.​.. there's something for everyone.

We supply refreshments (water and soft drinks), which are included in the cost of the activity. 

What to wear: comfortable, athletic wear (with warm layers), plus sports or flat soled shoes. 
What to bring: swim wear and towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and a change of clothes.
We provide motor boat or kayak back-up (depending on your group size) and life jackets, which must be worn at all times. All the rafting material is in itself buoyant, so there is no question of the raft completely sinking. At no point do participants go very far from the shore. In the event of extreme weather, we will suggest an alternative activity.

Can You Supply Food (And Further Drink) Options?

Yes, we can help supply a delicious Spanish-style BBQ. ​ Meals are served with (lots of) Spanish wine and beer. 
Prices and further information are available upon request. 

In Conclusion 

The activity will use all your teams skills​, as they ​work​ together to create a fast and stable vessel. 
This all-round fun activity requires no special knowledge; anyone can participate, and the activity is available all year round. 
The activity is ideal or corporate team-building workshops, or for friends (including 'stag' or 'hen' events) who fancy something a little different.
It also combines fantastically with any other of our beach or sea-based activities: Water Sports, Team Building, Beach Volleyball and Football.

Price per person: Please contact us for a quote
Approximate Duration: 2 1/2 hours