This classic team-building activity encourages teams to design, build and race (using only gravity, strength and courage)​ their very own go kart 'soapbox' vehicle.

​The s​kills required for this task?  A sense of adventure and creativity, and the ability to handle ​a huge amount of hilarity​.​

We have numerous locations which are ideal for this activity - in Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante - and more...
We'll talk you through options when you contact us: we use spacious areas, with plenty of outdoor space and a gentle slope (to encourage a little speed). Where a slope isn't available, we encourage r
aw man/woman-power, with teams pulling/pushing the carts, as well as driving them. Some of our locations also offer wonderful views.

What Can We Expect? 

All equipment will be on site when you arrive, as will our team of  helpful 'soapbox' supervisors.

Each go-kart needs building 'from scratch'; there is no set way for the teams to do this. We supply pieces for a basic frame - wheels, wooden planks and pole - and more creative items for the body of the vehicle. We'll provide PVC tubes and connectors that allow teams to build all kinds of body structures, and cardboard, wallpaper and cloth in various colours to make body 'panels'.

The supervisors are on hand to guide the teams (where needed), and will be judging on originality, creativity, style and safety consideration; using these judgments to award bonus points to the teams. Then comes the main event: the race!

Teams race (one at a time) through a track that requires steering as well as control, with penalty points for fouling! Speed is of the utmost importance and the fastest time will be the key factor in deciding the overall winner.

Can You Supply Food (And Drink) Options? ​

We can provide refreshments, snacks or meal options, if required. Do talk to us about your requirements. 

In Conclusion 

Expect a host of spectacular vehicles in a wickedly adventurous race! 
The minimum group size is 30 people, depending on location, and we suggest team sizes of 8 - 10 people.
This activity takes approximately 
​3 hours.
Do contact us for further information.