​Two games for the price of one! Our strategic games are ideal for challenging your teams tactically, whilst giving them a unique way of discovering the city at the same time. The first game is a warm-up game, and is played out in a smaller zone, on the way to the final game zone - usually the historic old town where all the famous tourist sites make a fantastic backdrop to this master challenge


We can play these games literally anywhere - a city, a town, the countryside, the beach. As long as it's possible for the teams to move around, the games can be played. You name the city or space you prefer (we're happy to talk to you about options), and we'll utilise its old streets, beautiful quirks and stunning architecture to turn the places into the basis of multi-player game.   

What Can We Expect? 

Upon arrival in your chosen destination, you will be greeted by our team of 'game monitors', who will explain the rules in further detail to the teams.

In a nutshell, teams need to find the checkpoints, avoid being bombed by other teams, grab the superpowers, and generally use their brains as well as their brawn to get the most points possible. 

Each team is equipped with an iPad - for use as maps, game delivery and a tracking device. The tracking device allows the teams to locate the opposing teams, which can be useful in planning their own game plan. Team members must work together to determine different strategies, answer questions, do challenges, and outsmart their opponents.

​Do contact us with your interest and we'll send you the rules - think 'War Games, the 'Da Vinci Code' and 'The Matrix', but with a whole heap of laughter and joviality thrown in.


In Conclusion 

Fully tailored to your requirements - Start and end the activity where you want to, and when you want to
The activity lasts 2.5 hours, but this can also be tailored to your needs.
Our prices include the team building activity, game monitor(s) and all equipment required