Many of our team building activities are available right across Spain, but others are destination specific. Please search by destination if you wish to see only those activities that are available in a particular region of Spain

A team building event, based in the Andalucian region of Spain, combining the incredible culture, heritage, music and cuisine of the area.

An introduction to the world of wine and cheese tasting... with emphasis on wines and cheeses from the regions close to Barcelona.

A glorious way for corporate and business groups to achieve success together, through our fun and active team building challenges and games.

Beach volleyball is a brilliant team (and team-building) sport... and the beach is a perfect place to play it.

Beach football is simply fun; a good-time way to appeal to sports fans, competitive souls and game lovers.

Our treasure hunt activities are a great way to introduce some friendly, fun competition to your group, since they enable participants to work together in solving a series of clues, observation questions and photo challenges.

A fun, imaginative and hands-on activity that puts the 'building' back into teambuilding! Design, plan, build...

Drumming and dancing are a fast and effective way to uplift, while enhancing the skills of teamwork... in a playful and entertaining way.

The Escape Room activity that can be done anywhere, for any number of people! This funtastic team building activity is designed for big groups - in fact we recently did it with 160 people in one room, all playing at the same time. Teams have just 60 minutes to crack codes, find objects, decipher clues, undo locks and escape from the robots who are controlling the room. The robots add a wonderful element to the game as well - interacting with the teams in the challenges.

Available all across Spain, this team building activity is short enough to be an ice-breaker for your meeting - a breakout to remember - or it can even be part of a dinner or lunch. However you build it into your event, we know you'll rave about this activity - assuming you survive to tell the tale!

Teams play against each other in our Robot themed Escape Game for large groups (minimum 50 people for this activity).  

Think and act FAST; like a special operations force, tasked with issues of primary importance. 

Always surprising, sometimes bizarre... and definitely awesome. 
Surprise and amuse with a spontaneous, unexpected... yet thoroughly planned performance.

Transforming broken pieces of tile into something with artistic verve, colour and style is a wonderful form of creativity.

Transforming broken pieces of tile into something with artistic verve, colour and style is a wonderful form of creativity. This is one of our most popular team building activities, and with good reason - it's fun, it gets everyone in the team involved, and it creates a final artwork which Joan Miro himself would be pleased with.

Perfect for big groups - we have worked with 300 people in one event on this - this teambuilding activity is available across Spain. In Barcelona of course it's especially relevant - Antoni Gaudi used mosaics in many of his works - but it's also an activity that is perfect wherever you are. 

An adventurous, fun activity on huge and durable boards. Known as 'party boards', they easily hold up to 8 people, making this the ultimate way to enjoy our coastlines.  

Explore, learn, compete: Discover your chosen city using GPS technology via our memorable, interactive, tailor-made treasure hunt.  

Enjoy an introduction to this wonderful Catalan tradition - one of the most unique and genuine cultural displays.

Add an authentic touch of Spanish culture; captivate your clients, guests and/or employees with our impressive and interactive Flamenco Show.

One of the funniest ways to discover your chosen city... and the hidden talents of your colleagues. 

This is decidedly creative team-building; let your imagination run free, exercise your creative spirit and take in the scenic beauty of your chosen city.

All the fun in the sun; unite by enjoying these experiences - sailing, wake-boarding, banana rides, windsurfing, paddle-boarding, sea kayaks - and more.

This game takes full advantage of the rich, eventful history and diverse landscape of Montjuïc Castle in Barcelona.

Our rip-roaring 1920's gangster murder-mystery game is an absolute riot. It's full of intrigue, bribery, gambling, backstabbing and of course... a murder.

Adding a live jazz band into our popular gangster murder-mystery game, we create a musical murder mystery in which we integrate live music with fun and action. It's full of intrigue, bribery, gambling, backstabbing and of course... a murder.

Fast-paced, friendly and fun-packed competition is a fabulous way of building team spirit... and is the essence of our Olympic Games

Paella can help create a party, a social occasion and/or a team-building debate (often over the creation of the paella itself!) - making this one of the most sociable, communal and enjoyable of all culinary activities.  

Enjoy an unforgettable morning visiting a local food market and cooking delicious paella, gazpacho and sangría, under the careful instruction of our dedicated, talented local chef.  

Paella cooking activity in Valencia

Where better to learn to cook a paella than in Valencia, the birthplace of this famous dish? And what better team building activity than one that produces a sumptuous lunch or dinner as a result of your efforts? This is also the perfect activity for big groups – we can have up to 300 people cooking paellas at the same time!

In this variation on our classic, fun treasure hunt, teams are accompanied by a professional photographer. This is an engaging and memorable team building event. 

This creative activity encourages teams to design and build their very own Picasso masterpiece, as well as working together to solve creative puzzles and games.​ 

A swashbuckling good time. Participants require strategic thinking, creativity, team work and a flair for the dramatic and fun!

Roulette, Poker and Black Jack; a memorable and rather sophisticated team-building exercise. This is risk-free casino fun!  

Paella cooking activity in Spain

Want a paella cooking competition, but don't want to go to a specific venue to do it? Maybe you have the perfect venue already - but just want this fun and tasty activity to come to you? This is the activity for you! And we specialise in big groups too – with anything from 50 to 300 people cooking paellas at the same time!

Nothing will stop these activities from staring fun in the face...

These team building activities are a test of confidence, creativity, physical ability and teamwork... and they're highly entertaining for those involved!

A truly invigorating, adventurous activity. Yacht racing is an unrivaled team sport... and ideal for team building. 

Challenge your team to create incredibly artistic structures... in the sand.

Golf at sea, snorkelling, sea scooters, paddle boards and more; unite your team by enjoying these experiences as part of an unforgettable boating experience.

This classic team-building activity encourages teams to design, build and race (using only gravity, strength and courage)​ their very own go kart 'soapbox' vehicle.

Enjoy teamwork, communication, and creative thinking skills. And a whole array of strategic fun.

​A hugely entertaining tactical, strategic game; ideal for challenging participants intellectually, as well as energetically!