Where better to learn to cook a paella than in Valencia, the birthplace of this famous dish? And what better team building activity than one that produces a sumptuous lunch or dinner as a result of your efforts? This is also the perfect activity for big groups – we can have up to 300 people cooking paellas at the same time!

Cooking together is always fun, and the paella is a dish that lends itself perfectly to this activity. With our large “paelleras” (the special paella pans that you cook with) every team of 8-12 people will produce their own paella. And even if you aren’t the MasterChef you always imagined yourself to be, we can have you producing some very enjoyable cuisine with a little help from our chefs. And a glass of wine or two will be available help to wash it down of course!


We can offer this activity pretty much anywhere in Valencia, but we have several venues that we work in more habitually, so please ask us for our suggestions. It does depend really on the time of year, and your groups size as to where is best.

What to expect:

The activity lasts around 3 hours, with half of that time being given over to the production of the paella, and the rest to the enjoying of the produce! As well as the main course, we include a salad starter and dessert. Plus there is wine and beer available throughout, so no risk of going thirsty!

Types of Paella:

Select to do different paellas with some teams, or all for the same type – it’s up to you!

• Traditional Valencian Paella, with chicken, rabbit and snails (optional!)

• Seafood Paella, with mussels, prawns and calamari

• Vegetarian Paella, with a selection of local seasonal vegetables